Veritas Alumni Association

Our “Why?”

Leveling the playing field requires access to knowledge and resources. It is not enough to get our students into the top colleges, we must help them find the financial resources to actually attend and the support they need to finish. We must also equip them with knowledge and skills to map the pathway to their careers through majors, networking, internships, fellowships, and


Our alumni association programming is for high school students, college students, and college graduates who have
matriculated through Veritas Debate Institute. We see our students through from college to career placement by providing access to resources that positions them to earn admission into their choice college, acquire funding, and workforce placement. We provide leadership development through service opportunities and travel opportunities for our alumni to experience other people, places, and cultures around the world.

Outcomes (Access = Social & Economic Mobility)

Economic Mobility:

We are changing the economic trajectory of underserved families by positioning students to become high-earners

Global Education:

Our alumni receive DEI leadership development training through immersive experiences around the world


Our alumni learn how to use their gifts in service to others

Sponsorship Opportunities (Support Workforce Development)

Title Sponsor


Funds a global travel education experience for 25 students

Platinum Sponsor


Funds a global travel educational experience for 15 students

Gold Sponsor


Funds one-year of college and workforce development programming for 20 students

Silver Sponsor


Funds one-year of college and workforce development programming for 10 students

Partnership Opportunities:


Provide internship opportunities for our students at your company


Collaborate with us on a series of workforce development workshops for our students

Corporate Professional Development

Allow our students to interactively engage with your employees through an in-person or virtual PD workshop on how the skills of critical thinking and communication can enhance outcomes in the workplace