K-12 Educator Professional Development

The Veritas Way

What is it?

Educators around the world have requested access to the innovative teaching practices we’ve used to transform Black youth into academic champions. We have turned our award-winning teaching strategies into a comprehensive toolkit called “The Veritas Way” – a set of pedagogical tools proven to drive student performance through:

  • Equity in education
  • Student engagement
  • Culturally relevant teaching
  • Rigor
  • Coversation-based learning
  • Experiential learning
  • Social-emotional learning
  • And more

Professional Development REIMAGINED

We’ve put a spin on traditional professional development. Unlike standard PD workshops where teachers sit and listen, The Veritas Way training is a 4-hour immersive experience that allows educators to actually see our practices live and in action and experiment with them. Educators visit our campus, observe our classroom, and learn how to take The Veritas Ways strategies back to their schools and implement them across all content areas.

Another unique spin is that traditional professional developments consist of educators learning from other educators. The Veritas Way experience now only allows educators to learn from award-winning educators, but they also get to learn from students. In real time, our scholars help educators experient with the tools we provide as we explore what it truly means to meet students where they are.

Teachers Impact Around the Nation

Our founder has trained over 30,000 educators around the world how to implement the VS3 pedagogical methods in their classrooms to scale our impact to affect millions of children around the world.