Veritas Corporate Immersion Program

(Corporate Atlanta is Our Classroom!)

Our “Why?”

Schools are heavily criticized for not providing students with real world professional training. We marry academic and corporate training to provide the next generation of business leaders with immersive experiences that allow them to test their academic abilities in corporate settings.


VCIP is a two-week program where students are immersed in the lives of senior level executives and the problems they solve. Each day, we visit a different company where our scholars learn from senior leaders about the complexities that exist within their industry. Throughout the day, our scholars use critical thinking and communication tools learned in the Veritas classroom to develop and pitch solutions to the most pressing issues in
corporate America.

Outcomes (Training Next Generation of Leaders)

Accelerate student performance

Enhance students’ understanding of real world problems

Strengthen student resumes for college admissions

Partnership Opportunities:

Make your company our classroom and your executives our teachers for a day

Create a networking experience for our students

Join our roster of presenters to teach our students about your company