Veritas Teachers Institute

(Improving Student Outcomes Nationwide)

Our “Why?”

e have created an award-winning educational framework that teachers nationwide are seeking access to. We responded to this demand by opening the doors of our classroom and allowing educators to see our teaching methods in person, and to learn how to take them back to their classrooms to get the same results.


Veritas Teachers Institute (VTI) is how we share our award-winning teaching strategies with the world. VTI is a K-12 professional development program that trains educators how to improve student engagement and performance through a set
of innovative teaching strategies called “The Veritas Way”. The program offers one-day teacher observation experiences and six-week cohort experiences.

Outcomes (Scaling Our Impact)

Training 3,000 educators allows us to impact 1,000,000 students

Provide educators with the resources they need to teach efficiently and effectively

Improve the climate and cultures of schools nationwide

Partnership Opportunities:

Attend our professional development events and share your companies resources with teachers

Contribute to the gift bags we provide teachers at our trainings

Volunteer at our teacher training events

Teachers Impact Around the Nation

Our founder has trained over 30,000 educators around the world how to implement the VS3 pedagogical methods in their classrooms to scale our impact to affect millions of children around the world.